Distribution Application

Tafseer Sports Industries International Distribution Application
Our shipping department efficiently ships products to the dealers.

Warehouse Automation - Product carousels help us pull products faster for you.

Tafseer Sports Industries International is a wholesale distributor of sporting goods equipment. Our company employs over 50 personnel to run our sales department, technology department and our 12000+ square foot warehouse. We offer over 25,000 products from more than 150 manufacturers. Our products can be viewed on our website.

We have multiple warehouses containing hundreds of thousands of products in stock and ready to ship to our customers.

Tafseer Sports Industries International is committed to providing you with a variety of high quality products not found in big box stores. With our excellent customer service and competitive pricing, we can supply you the products and services you need to help expand your business.
• System driven off UPC
• Completely computerized warehouse disciplines
• Real time operation
• System software support
• Reporting capabilities.